black lab and golden retriever happily playing together at the dog park in Ogunquit, Maine

Most animal lovers will agree¬†that pets are¬†four-legged members of the family. It’s no surprise, then, that as people¬†have started to travel more over the past few years,¬†favoring new experiences over material possessions, it’s becoming more common for pet owners to¬†bring¬†their furry friends¬†along for the ride¬†‚ÄĒ literally. In fact, according to pet insurance provider PetPlan, 84% of millennials regularly travel with their pets and up to 35% of pet parents take fewer or shorter vacations because they don’t want to leave Fido behind.

The hospitality industry has taken note of this growing¬†trend, and pet-friendly hotels are¬†becoming more and more standard, which¬†begs the question: What exactly does pet-friendly mean? Can guests¬†bring just their dogs along? What about cats? Bunny rabbits? Exotic talking parrots? Horses? To get a better understanding of what pet-friendly entails, here’s a closer look at Ogunquit¬†Maine, a community that has a serious love for animals, and the Footbridge Beach Motel, one¬†of the top pet-friendly motels in the area.


Dog Days at Footbridge Beach Motel

While there are some hotels and motels that allow guests to bring cats, birds, or even kangaroos, the vast majority of properties that tout being “pet-friendly” are really strictly dog-friendly.

That’s the case at Footbridge Beach Motel, one of the best Dog Friendly Hotels in Ogunquit, Maine, where dogs are not just allowed on-site but welcomed. Footbridge allows guests to bring along two dogs weighing up to 40 pounds or less each for a small daily fee. There are designated dog-friendly rooms, including larger suites for guests who need a bit more room, as well as a potty area with a waste station and a dog park nearby. The owners themselves have dogs that live on the property and are frequently seen lounging by the pool in warm weather.

Puppies under the age of two are not accepted, and there are some breed restrictions. Management approves all dogs on a case-by-case basis, and pup parents are expected to clean up after their pets and abide by the motel’s no-bark policy.


Common Questions About Dog-Friendly Hotels

Whether you’re a pet parent or not, you may have¬†some questions and concerns about Footbridge Beach Motel’s policies.


If I don’t have an animal, should I avoid pet-friendly motels?

golden retriever dog sitting next to a beach house pillow at Footbridge MotelNot at all! Yes,¬†Footbridge is pet-friendly, but it’s a fantastic hotel for anyone wanting to enjoy all that Ogunquit has to offer. It’s walking distance from the gorgeous Footbridge Beach, with¬†a wide array of water sports and activities including fishing, whale watching, kayaking, and more. There’s also Ogunquit Village, with numerous shops and dining options, and Footbridge Beach Motel has a trolley stop right across the street. On the hotel grounds, there’s a heated pool, expansive sundeck, and grilling area for guests to enjoy.

To further ease your concerns about staying at the Footbridge if you don’t have a pet, know that:

  • There are specifically designated rooms for guests with dogs. See the interactive map here.
  • Guests with animal allergies need not worry. A hypoallergenic spray is used to clean guestrooms, so there is no trace of animals, including pet hair or smells. Guests who have sensitive allergies or who are still concerned can be assigned to a non-dog-friendly room.
  • Dog barking won’t interfere with your stay. As part of the motel’s recent renovations, soundproof panels and insulation were put in to ensure that guestrooms are nice and quiet. In the event that a dog is barking incessantly, the owners may be asked to leave the hotel or find boarding elsewhere for their pet.


Is there an extra fee for a pet-friendly room?

Yes. Rates vary on size and cleaning requirements upon departure.


Are there places to walk my dog, and is there an off-leash area?

We weren’t kidding when we said that Footbridge Beach Motel welcomes dogs! Guests are welcome to walk their dogs everywhere on the motel property. In addition, the town of Ogunquit Maine is a dog-loving community and does a great job accommodating pet parents.

  • The motel has a pet potty.¬†On the east side of the hotel grounds, just beyond the pool, there is a designated dog potty area with a waste station.
  • There’s a dog park nearby. Just five minutes away is the fully fenced Ogunquit Dog Park, open seven days a week from dawn to dusk. There’s even a separate area for small dogs.
  • Local shops cater¬†specifically to pets. Waggerstown is the¬†local go-to source for high-quality pet food and¬†treats, and it offers grooming and free local delivery as well.¬†Junebug’s Beach House offers specialty pet gifts such as leashes, collars, toys, and bedding.


Next time you’re planning a vacation and want to bring your favorite four-legged travel buddy along, you can! Contact us today to book your stay at the Footbridge Beach Motel, one of the top Ogunquit, Maine hotels where pets are allowed.

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Dog Friendly

Bring your four-legged family member along! We offer a limited number of dog friendly rooms for a small additional fee. Limit two dogs per room, each less than 40lbs.

To reserve one of our dog-friendly rooms (subject to availability, not all of our rooms are dog-friendly), complete your online reservation, then send an email to to request available dog-friendly reservation options. Upon Management approval, dog owners must sign a security deposit agreement to cover potential damage to the room. We ask that all dog owners respect our other guests by honoring our no-bark policy and cleaning up after their dogs. We do not accept puppies (under 2 years old). Some breeds are prohibited due to our property insurance restrictions. If a dog’s behavior is deemed unacceptable by other guests or management, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation at any time and/or ask that the dog owner find other boarding accommodations.